Sarah | 18 | Glasgow, Scotland.
I love tequila, avocados and League of Legends.
Nice to meet you.

I don’t want anyone else

Just you

have you ever loved someone so much it physically aches to think about them

I love you more than say

I feel cold without your arms around me

Maybe we’ll be together in the next life

i love you

i love you

i love you

i don’t want anyone else

just you

i want to be loved by you

but if your way of loving me is by treating me like shit

then i want nothing to do with you

I’m human, I can’t be happy all the time. If you can’t handle my moods then you don’t deserve me at my best.

You ask me why I’m upset all the time, and when I try to tell you, you get angry. You don’t make the people you love sad, you don’t blame the people you love for something they have no control over. You don’t walk away from the people you love.
Get over yourself because if you really did love me, you would be here to hold my hand through all our troubles instead of running away like a coward, leaving me to pick up the mess that you made.

I love you but I’m better off without you.
I’ll always love you but I need to love myself too.
If you’re not willing to change, then I’m afraid I can’t be with you.

My essentials

I am in love with you

my whole is existence is just troublesome

i hate that stage in a relationship where you feel like you guys are just drifting apart, you don’t laugh at the same things anymore, and they don’t talk to you as much as they did before and i always just get this sunken feeling in my chest like did i do something wrong or did you finally get sick and tired of me

I’d give the world to be in your arms tonight